Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Shift Happens" is now available

Since this blog is about paradigm shifts brought on by the new media, it's appropriate to discuss the changes that ebooks are bringing to the publishing industry. The answer is the changes are huge; so much so that I'd need a book to discuss them. So of course I wrote the book.

"Shift Happens: The New E-Publishing Paradigm And What It Means For Writers" is now available from Amazon

Ebooks change everything, from the price of books and the selection available to readers to the relationship between authors and publishers. The social implications are vast as well.

For writers the most important changes are that ebooks offer the opportunity for independent authors to make significant a of money and that they turn the relationship between the author and publisher upside down. Now the writer is in control of every aspect of their book, from copy to method and timing of publication. Considering the long-standing resentment among authors for publishers, this is a very liberating development.

Of course most people are readers rather than writers but for readers the changes are vast as well. Readers will have a much broader selection of books because publishers are no longer serving as gatekeepers between writers and readers. Perhaps more significantly, the price of books drops sharply because ebooks don't face the hideously expensive, archaic, distribution system that is the essence of modern conventional publishing.

There's a lot more and it's all available in Shift Happens

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